Success is funny (in a cold, sarcastic way)

  You must have got a decent amount of suspicion by now as to what exactly was I talking about when i mentioned that there is something that can make us do repetitive jobs with much greater ease. Allow me to silence those agile questions. Perception! Yes that is the magic answer that bars us from … Continue reading Success is funny (in a cold, sarcastic way)


Success is Fun

It really is guys. Now that I have your attention chances are most likely you are looking for a way to make all the sweat and blood of success look like a pleasant journey. You ended up at the right place. Performing repetitive tasks is the only bad element that comes in the way for … Continue reading Success is Fun

Holi in the ‘Moderned’ India

Growing up in the Indian Society we often waited with great enthusiasm for the auspicious festive eve we call call HOLI where it was celebrated with joy along with a wide range of colors but we never really gave much thought on why it is celebrated like that or what exact significance it has on … Continue reading Holi in the ‘Moderned’ India

The Monkey Brain Diagnosis

This is a continuation of the previous post: How to unleash your true strengths. In the previous blog we talked about ISHA KRIYA (a meditation technique used to tap our true potential). In this phase we would be talking about how to tackle The Monkey Brain that takes over the logic and reason when we complete our first … Continue reading The Monkey Brain Diagnosis

How to unleash your True Strengths……?

The answer to that is through meditation. Now before your mind gets deviated i would like to explain how meditation really works rather than telling any meditation sales pitch and yes most of the people do get deviated when they hear about meditation. Speaking about how it works, it is designed to make you separate … Continue reading How to unleash your True Strengths……?

What is this about……?

Hello, welcome to the very first post of SUCCESSFUL SUCCESSES. I hope the title gave you some badly needed hope for a better life. Starting with an insult to the MIGHTY INTERNET, we are constantly flooded with different kinds of information on the net which not only makes the winning ideas invisible but also makes … Continue reading What is this about……?